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The advantages of Arthromac

A chemical-free treatment manufactured in Europe with a non-animal, ultrapure, high molecular weight, French-origin hyaluronic acid. 

••• Non-animal origin 
Several competing products, including the actual world's leading brand, are manufactured from a HA of animal origin (cock’s comb) which has a high animal protein content, leading to possible allergic reactions. ARTHROMAC ®  is made of a non-animal HA obtained by biofermentation which is the today’s source of choice due to its full biocompatibility. 

••• No chemical agent 
Unlike other viscosupplements, ARTHROMAC ®  is not cross-linked with chemical agents such as 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE), formaldehyde, divinyl sulfone etc. ARTHROMAC ® is naturally cross-linked without any chemical agent through our proprietary technology X-Click Technology.

••• Ultrapure HA 
The HA used in the manufacturing of ARTHROMAC ®  is produced in France and has the highest purity available in the market today (≤0.005 I.U/mg).

••• Very High Molecular Weight
The HA in ARTHROMAC has a molecular weight between 3 and 4 millions Dalton, providing a better effectiveness compared to products with lower molecular weight HA.

••• Optimal sterilization cycle
ARTHROMAC is sterilized by our proprietary autoclave steam sterilization process “Flash cooling system” making it possible to have a cooling time 90% faster than with standard autoclave, thus preserving the integrity of the HA from excess heating.

••• Strict quality control 
ARTHROMAC ®  is manufactured in Europe under strict quality control and meets the requirements of the highest technical standards. It conforms to the European Medical Devices Directive MDR and an optimized risk management process that goes above and beyond regulatory compliance has been implemented.


Interested in distributing Arthromac or finding a supplier for your medical practice?

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