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Say goodbye

to joint pain 

A single injection of Arthromac provides a quick, powerful and long-lasting joint pain relief 


What is Arthromac

Arthromac® is an injectable solution designed to treat osteoarthritis by replenishing hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid. This enhances joint lubrication and shock absorption, providing a quick, powerful and long-lasting relief from pain and stiffness.

Actions of Arthromac

Quickly and lastingly relieves joint pain

Decreases stiffness for more mobility

Protects cartilage against degradation

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A natural cross-linking  

Our proprietary cross-linking process X-Click technology

makes it possible to transform linear HA into a stabilized 3D HA without any chemical agents.


As a result, the injected HA will have a greater residence time in the joint while keeping its natural biological and rheological properties for more effectiveness and a complete safety.

Why choosing Arthromac

Completly safe_.png

Complete safety

Non-animal, french-origin HA from the highest purity available on the market and no chemical cross-linking.

High quality HA

Very high molecular weight of 3-4 million Daltons protected by our "Flash cooling system" during sterilisation.

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X-Click Technology

Physical cross-linking preserving the natural viscoelastic and biological properties of the HA.

Made in Europe

Manufactured in Europe under strict quality control and according to the European Medical Devices Directive.

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