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What is Arthromac 


ARTHROMAC® is a product for viscosupplementation, which is a safe, effective, and well-established treatment for osteoarthritis (OA) consisting in injecting a hyaluronic acid-based solution into the affected joint. It relieves pain, restores articular function and protects cartilage.

A single, intraarticular injection of Arthromac® provides a rapid and powerful osteoarthritis pain relief that can last up to

12 months

How does it work 



In osteoarthritis (OA) joints, the quality and quantity of hyaluronic acid (HA), a major component of the synovial fluid responsible for the lubrication and cushioning in joints, are diminished. As a result, the synovial fluid has lower viscosity and elasticity, decreasing its ability to lubricate the joint and absorb shocks. 

ARTHROMAC® replaces and supplements the unhealthy synovial fluid to increase the quality and quantity of the endogenous HA and to restore its viscoelastic properties. 

ARTHROMAC® lubricates and cushions the joint and protects the cartilage, thereby reducing pain, improving mobility and articular function, and retarding progression of OA.

What is osteoarthritis 


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder and a leading cause of chronic disability. Its prevalence increases with age and the common symptoms are pain, stiffness and loss of motion. OA most often affects knees, hips, spine, hands and feet, but can affect almost any joint in the body. 

OA is the result of mechanical and biological events that destabilize the balance between synthesis and degradation of cartilage and which affects all articular structures. 



  1. Cartilage wears away: The cartilage is eroded by the forces of friction and compression.

  2. Synovial fluid becomes less healthy: The fluid becomes thinner and less elastic, losing its ability to provide a good cushion.

  3. Exposed bone: Over time, the bone surfaces may rub together.

  4. Bone spurs: Osteophytes can form and grow

OA is a chronic condition that gradually worsens over time and can become rapidly painful and incapacitating. ARTHROMAC® will prevent and slow its progression and will reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Our viscosupplement range

••• INDICATION:    Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis

••• HA CONCENTRATION:    20 mg/ml

••• HA ORIGIN:   Non-animal

••• HA MOLECULAR WEIGHT:   Between 3 and 4 million Dalton

••• ADMINISTRATION:  Single intraarticular injection

••• ACTIONS: Pain relief, mobility improvement, cartilage protection

••• DURATION OF EFFECTS:   Up to 9 months*

••• PRIMARY PACKAGING:  Sterile 3 mL prefilled glass syringe with finger grip

••• SECONDARY PACKAGING:  Sterilized medical grade blister in carton box

••• STORAGE:   Between +2°C and +25°C    

••• SHELF LIFE:  3 years   


* depending on several factors such as the severity of the osteoarthritis, the type and size of the affected joint, the patient’s condition and age, the patient’s lifestyle, the patient’s genetic profile and the technique of injection.

Bespoke Support and Sales

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