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A safe technology

Only one injection
The single injection regimen reduces patient inconvenience

Non-animal origin
ARTHROMAC is manufactured from a HA obtained by biofermentation and of the highest purity attainable

Full biocompatibility
ARTHROMAC is completely natural, biocompatible, bioresorbable and non-allergenic

Simple, quick, with no downtime
The procedure takes only few minutes and daily routine can be resumed immediately after the injection

Non-surgical treatment
ARTHROMAC is an office-based procedure that helps to avoid or delay the need for major surgery

Drug-free and non-systemic
ARTHROMAC avoids the adverse and undesirable effects linked to the use of NSAIDs and corticosteroids or associated with systemic administration

Non-toxic cross-linking system
ARTHROMAC is cross-linked through a proprietary technology without any toxic agents such as BDDE, formaldehyde, divinyl sulfone etc. which are used by numerous competitors

Minimum rate of adverse events
Clinical and practice data indicate that ARTHROMAC has a lower rate of adverse events in comparison with other competitors

Rigorous control of the manufacturing process
ARTHROMAC is manufactured in France under the highest quality standards with top qualified engineers and latest technology

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